Why Long-Time-Liner?


Long-Time-Liner® device, pigment és expertise

Long-Time-Liner® device, pigment és expertise


Sophisticated and reliable technology = Long Time Liner

With more than 13 years in the business, I have gained extensive experience with permanent makeup machines, pigments and methods.  Cutting-edge technology of the best quality allows me to create beautiful art work.


I am a Long- Time-Liner Elite permanent makeup specialist


The Elite status is important to me because I always try my best to provide high quality work.  I regularly attend professional development trainings. I have

The Elite status guarantees that my clientele’s skin gets the best, safest treatment thanks to the Long-Time-Liner machine, pigments and accessories. My professional expertise, perfectionism and commitment to permanent makeup allow my clients to become really beautiful.  Permanent makeup makes their lives easier by reducing the time spent on daily makeup.a strong belief in permanent makeup and I am also a big fan of it.

Long-Time-Liner ® has established its Elite partner system in order to create its team consisting of the best permanent makeup specialists of each country.

Sminktetoválás Elite Partners

Long-Time-Liner Elite Partners


Specialists you can turn to as they are all well-trained and committed The Long-Time-Liner ® Elite Partners team is the best choice for any woman interested in permanent makeup. Elite partners are all professional.




Pigment guarantee!

You can be sure that your tattoo is made with the most modern Long-Time-Liner machine and Long-Time-Liner pigments. The Elite Partnership status is your guarantee.

Long-Time-Liner ® is not simply permanent makeup. Long-Time-Liner ® is a professional permanent makeup that gives you what it promises. It offers you beautiful shapes, natural shades, and an aesthetic appearance so that you can wake up every morning looking beautiful.

Multiple winner and European champion in permanent makeup competitions. Beauty Award winner!

  Permanent first place in permanent makeup treatments – precision medical instrument:

  • it is the gentlest of all the permanent makeup procedures
  • the thinnest, straightest, most precise lines can be drawn with its help
  • inimitable lip contour, lip shades and hair stroke eyebrows
  • Its microprocessor detects the resistance of the harness
  • while other machines cause scabbing, this procedure is very gentle and the healing process is really quick
  • correction is possible after 2 weeks
  • it is the only permanent makeup technology that can be applied safely even in case of some illnesses /ie. diabetes/, or during medication and pregnancy.
  • hypoallergenic pigments
  • beautiful colours, smooth fading