What you need to know…


I have been making permanent makeup for 14 years and I only work with cutting-edge technology: ALEXANDRA device and pigments. I pay special attention to effective anaesthesia, careful preparations and personalized design.

What never occurs with me:

  •     Your permanent makeup is unnatural
  •     Your eyebrows look artificial, too thick or too thin
  •     Your lip contour is striking, looks brownish and   does not conform the colour of your lips.
  •     The eye tattoo is incomplete and does not follow the line of the eyelashes
  •     Pigments do not remain in the skin after the tattoo
  •     Permanent makeup is painful and leave scars
  •     After the tattoo you can not go among people, or to work
  •     Tattoo without pre-drawing

What you need to consider before opting for permanent makeup?

  • When choosing the date of having your tattoo made, you should take into account the fact that the tattooed area will be swollen (for about 1-2 days), it will be more pronounced and its colour will be stronger than the final result.


  • It is best to avoid saunas, swimming pools, sun beds for 2 weeks. Sunbathing is possible but only with a high factor sun cream after the second week.


  • A thin scab will form on the tattooed area within a short time but it will fall off in 3-5 days. You should not scratch it even if it is itching!!


  • The colour of the pigment is more intense in the jar than later on the skin. Long-Time-Liner enables to work with natural, subtle colours.


  •  I am the one who makes the pre-drawing and not the client and I do not erase it before using the pigmentation!


  •  A correction is needed within a period of 2-4 weeks but latest within 3 months to prevent  uneven fading and to increase the lifetime of your tattoo.


  • Permanent makeup will fade over the years due to the natural renewal process of the skin. The fading process is influenced by the darkness of the colour of the pigmented area, the guest’s skin type and sunbathing habits, or permanent lash or brow tinting.


  •  Hair stroke eyebrow must be refreshed once a year or once in 18 months. But the effect will be really natural!


  • Eyelid and eyebrow tattoos must only be refreshed every 3-5 years!


  • Eyelid tattoos are always done on CLOSED EYES!


The importance of details…

Patience and personalized solutions

You will get patient and thorough answers to all your questions. It is of utmost importance to me to give you all the information you are interested in about permanent makeup. I will explain the procedure step by step and all your requirements and ideas will be discussed.

Safety is very important to me when it comes to making permanent makeup. To ensure safety, I opted for cutting-edge technology and top quality pure pigments. Even the pencil I use to pre-draw the shapes are specifically made for this purpose.


Professional advice

I will give you professional advice, so I can draw your attention to things that you might not know but may be interesting and relevant to you.


This is one of the most important parts of high quality work. In my practice, pre-drawing can often take 30-40 minutes to ensure the most beautiful and the best result. I use a special pencil and I do not erase it before the tattoo is completed so that you can get the result meeting your expectations.

Brand new sterile needles

I get the needle used for permanent makeup out of the packaging before your eyes, and I use a new one for every single tattoo.


You do not have to purchase the after-care ointment yourself. I will provide it and no extra costs will be charged.

Without Pain

Public opinion considers permanent makeup to be painful. This is the reason why I pay extra attention to this issue. Patients can choose between 4-5 types of anaesthetics that can reduce swelling as well. I use the most effective and cutting-edge products, which I am really satisfied with.