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Patkós Alexandra Long-Time-Liner Elite permanent makeup specialist

Alexandra Patkós
 permanent makeup specialist

If you want beauty and self-confidence, you are in safe hands!

With more than 16 years of experience, I am a keen makeup specialist. When I make permanent make-up I can put into practice and make the best of all the multilateral skills and expertise that I have gained throughout the years. I am convinced that permanent make-up can really help to make a woman’s daily life nicer. It can contribute to achieve long-lasting self-confidence.


Exclusive permanent makeup enhances your beauty and sexual appeal. It is ideal for women of all ages and styles, which is why I can warmly recommend it to you.

Let me prove it to you!

Each of these women have enhanced their beauty with the help of permanent makeup. They all saw an opportunity to improve their daily lives with permanent makeup that is easy, fast, reliable, personalized and long lasting.

The versatility of exclusive permanent makeup

  •  Would you be pleased if the time you normally spend on your make-up got shorter or would end?

Permanent makeup is practical because it does not smudge. You can enjoy its benefits right in the morning. You can always look beautiful.

  •  Would you like thicker eyebrows? Better-defined eyes? more colourful lips?

Permanent makeup emphasizes the shape and colour of your lips, eyes and eyebrows.

  •  Do you have asymmetric eyebrows? Are you unsatisfied with the shape of your eyes or lips? Have your lips been scarred by herpes?

Permanent makeup corrects these parts of your face and enhances its beauty.

  • Would you like a sexy beauty mark above your lips?

Permanent makeup can make your face look special!

Is it important for you to have safe, reliable services of high quality?

The Long-Time-Liner equipment, the pigments and the technique can ensure you exclusive permanent makeup. Besides, my status as Elite permanent makeup specialist guarantees that you will not be disappointed in your future permanent makeup.

Have you been disappointed in permanent makeup before?

I can guarantee you that nothing can happen that you do not understand or do not want.

I will thoroughly explain the details of the whole process to you, giving you professional advice and pointing out a number of things that can make your permanent makeup really special.


One day a concern for all of us:


Achieving beauty and self-confidence through permanent makeup with anti-aging effects.

If you have noticed that your features are wearing off with time, if you see a pale reflection of your face but its freshness can still be improved with intensive make-up, permanent makeup will be the answer to your problems. It can help you considerably to defy time. Would you like to look younger?

Would you like to be like your old self? Does it bother you that your face has lost its freshness?

Permanent makeup with anti-aging effects provides

  •  more arched eyebrows
  •  more accentuated lip line
  •  more defined eyes
  •  fresher look of the face

These are all the characteristics we long for to look younger or because we used to look like this before.
You do not need to undergo all the tortures of plastic surgery or other expensive methods with unpredictable results and/or with long recovery time!

Permanent makeup with anti-aging effects offers  you a wide range of solutions

  • eyebrow lifting
  • more enhanced eyes, a brighter look
  • fuller lips, brings your lips back to life, adds colour and volume
  • it restores your original features
  • it rejuvenates your face, giving it a more youthful, more cheerful, brighter appearance


 “I made my decision based on the reference work of the website. I wanted natural eyebrows matching my complexion and the shape of my face.  I am absolutely satisfied with the result as it is just the way I wanted it to be. We discussed everything in detail before the treatment. It was not painful at all and there were no side effects either. Everybody was really patient. Thank you! “- Berta Zsuzsanna 

Permanent makeup with me

I work on your face, which certainly requires a great deal of trust, so let me tell you what permanent makeup means to me.
When meeting a woman, I can see right away how her features can be made more beautiful and more to her advantage.  I also know which methods are suitable to achieve great results. It fills me with excitement to find the right solution from all the options based on my multilateral knowledge.

I have many years of experience in different professions (cosmetics, hairdressing, makeup) and I love them all. However, making permanent makeup allows me to combine all the experience I have gained throughout the years in all these different fields. This unique way of seeing things, the love of my profession, my experience  and my wish to help others give me the self-confidence I need to do my job with responsibility and enthusiasm. 

Making permanent makeup is not just about work for me but also about art. It means changing features, defying time or simply making a face more beautiful.

The kindness, gratitude, and appreciation I get from my clientele greatly contributes to the fact that I passionately love my job and that I always do my best. I am grateful for all the trust my clients place in me.

 “I had wanted my eyebrows tattooed for a long time as my eyebrows were fair and sparse. After surfing on the internet, I found Alexandra’s website. Based on her reference photos, I decided to consult her. In my opinion, her works are by far the most beautiful. After the procedure, I am fully satisfied with the result. My brows have become extremely beautiful and I only regret not having consulted her much earlier. “- Barbara Abrudan

If you come to my salon for permanent makeup, I can guarantee you that nothing can happen that you will not understand or will not want.


The importance of details…

Patience and personalized solutions

You will get patient and thorough answers to all your questions. It is of utmost importance to me to give you all the information you are interested in about permanent makeup. I will explain the procedure step by step and all your requirements and ideas will be discussed.


Safety is very important to me when it comes to making permanent makeup. To ensure safety, I opted for cutting-edge technology and top quality pure pigments. Even the pencil I use to pre-draw the shapes are specifically made for this purpose.

Professional advice

I will give you professional advice, so I can draw your attention to things that you might not know but may be interesting or relevant to you.


This is one of the most important parts of high quality work. In my practice, pre-drawing can often take 30-40 minutes to ensure the most beautiful and best result. I use a special pencil and I do not erase it before the tattoo is completed so that you can get the result meeting your expectations.

Brand new sterile needles

I get the needle used for permanent makeup out of the packaging before your eyes, and I use a new one for every single tattoo.


You do not need to purchase the after-care ointment yourself. I will provide it and no extra costs will be charged.

Without Pain

Public opinion considers permanent makeup to be painful. This is the reason why I pay extra attention to this issue. Patients can choose between 4-5 types of anaesthetics that can reduce swelling as well. I use the most effective and cutting-edge products, which I am absolutely satisfied with.

Do you have many questions about permanent makeup and you do not know who to turn  to for answers?

Contact me. The wisest decision you can make is to ask for advice without any obligation!

A permanent makeup video can also help you make your choice.

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