Lip tattoo, full lip colour

  Do you think your lips are colourless?

Do your asymmetric lips disturb you?

Would you like fuller lips?

Have you thought about permanent makeup?


Where permanent makeup means more because…

…I can make it look natural but elegant at the same time.

I really like full lip colour because of all permanent makeup techniques this is the one which can make your face look the freshest, the most lively with the best looking makeup.  Well-shaped and nicely coloured lips are not a dream anymore. If you opt for full lip colour you can wear it in any situation.

Lip contour by itself is old history …

Do you remember brownish, chocolate-coloured lip contours? I’m pretty sure that you do. Fortunately lip contours are outmoded nowadays, and a more feminine beauty, a more natural look took their place.  Today the ideal beauty requires full, finely shaped lips with a colour which is just about so bright that its beauty and freshness can be noticed.

Full lip colour with me …

If I see a young girl with vibrant, beautifully coloured perfectly shaped full lips, using permanent makeup never comes to my mind.  However, there are some factors that cause lips to appear smaller and less luscious as ladies age. The effects of aging can be corrected and full lip colour can make lips look fuller and thus give the face a more youthful and more stunning appearance overall.

Look at your lips and if you used these attributives to define them, full lip colour can help you.

  • asymmetric
  • not full enough
  • they have no border
  • not accentuated enough
  • they have faded contour
  •  matt
  • too brown / purple
  • they are not like they used to be
  • scarred
  • you do not like them

What result can you expect?

It is very important to choose the right shade that complements your complexion and personality. A very precise, meticulous pre- drawing is done before the final tattoo so that you can see beforehand what the shape of your lips will be like.

The ALEXANDRA device with the maximum level of precision enables me to draw a really thin contour which gives a new border to the lips but will never look as a separate contour.

Full lip colour and contour together will revive your lips, giving it flawless colour. As a result, you will get well-defined and beautifully shaped, symmetric lips.

If a tasteful, subtle effect is the most important thing for you….

If your priority is to have a natural look, choosing a subtle colour will highlight your face, giving it moderate liveliness while the shape and the symmetry of your lips will be corrected if necessary. As a result, you will get gently and naturally enhanced lips without anyone noticing that you had them tattooed.


If you like makeup…

If you wish to have a more enhanced make-up effect, you can choose stronger colours.  Most certainly your wish is to have enhanced, accentuated lips with a more dramatic colour and you do not want to use lipstick again. You need permanent beauty and want to enjoy it any time. What the outer world will notice is that you have really beautiful lips, your makeup is flawless and never smudges.

There is no struggle in vain…

You might have heard stories from colleagues or friends that pigments used in tattoo procedures disappeared from the skin. This will never happen if you come to see me.

My device ALEXANDRA EXCLUSIVE  machine I work with  is extremely gentle to the skin. Healing takes place quickly and the pigments remain in the skin in all cases. No need for 3-4 additional corrections, no patches, no struggle in vain.


Permanent lip tattoo step by step

skin disinfection, peeling, application of anaesthetics with gel and liquid, discussion and design of the shape, colour selection, pre-drawing with special pencil and drawing technique all in 40-60 minutes, tattoo procedure with Long-Time-Liner machine and pigments, continuous anaesthesia, skin disinfection, after-care treatment, cold compress.

After a few weeks one correction or two if necessary.  A special gift: ointment for after-care treatment at home

Types of full lip colour


Lip contour is not used anymore by itself. However, all full lip tattoo involves creating the contour line as well, but it will not show as a separate line. Nevertheless, if you want, you can opt for a more visible contour along with your full lip colour.

Semi lip colour

Pigments are placed on half of the lower and upper lip. There is no clear borderline, the colour is paler. It can be made only with colours harmonizing with your own lip colour, so subtle colours are a must. Semi lip colour is usually not enough for thinner lips. It looks beautiful only if you have normal or fuller lips.

Full lip colour

Full lip colour is applied on the whole surface of the lips, therefore any colour shades from the lightest to the brightest can be used. Full lip colour is advised especially to those having thinner lips so that their lips can be enhanced. A fuller colour is also ideal for those wishing to have a stronger makeup  (lipstick) effect.

For speciality lovers

Full lip colour with two colours

This technique allows some further enhancement of the lips making them look fuller. It is ideal for those who like lips with lipstick, special effects or would like to try a new colour.

Lip light

The name ‘lip gloss effect’ is slightly deceptive, even if most people often refer to it this way. In fact, lips will not be shiny or will not have a wet effect. The really thin pale colour drawn over the upper contour line shows optically fuller lips. It looks beautiful on nicely made-up face.

Even those who are keen on a very natural look can choose this technique because  I can make it look subtle, natural and elegant at the same time.