Eye permanent makeup


One of women’s best investments …


You have thought about it, haven’t you? But something has held you back.

  • Do you like enhanced eyes?
  • Would you like to save the time you spend on doing your daily makeup?
  • Does the contour line become smudged by the end of the day?
  • Does your eyelid skin cover your eyes partially and the well-drawn line becomes a dirty stain within 5 minutes?Does your eyelid skin cover your eyes partially and the well-drawn line becomes a dirty stain within 5 minutes?
  • Do you often have eyes full of tears?

Choose a permanent solution – the true one, the most precise 

eye permanant makeup!

Why is it special?

  • Every millimetre, arch and thickness is carefully pre-planned and thoughtfully executed
  • If you want, a precise line can be drawn on your eyelid that you are unable to draw yourself.
  • If you would like a shaded effect, it is also possible
  • The part between the eyelashes is also pigmented, therefore the lashes look thicker and the eyes more expressive
  • When creating the arch of your eyebrow, my main goal is that it should be in harmony with your personality and it should enhance your eyes.


My eyelid tattoos

Have you thought about it but you are scared of pain?

… pain is of the past!

I use a special anaesthetic before applying the tattoo, so no pain can be felt during the procedure. What you will feel is similar to when you use a blunt pencil to apply your eyeliner.

Not only do you not feel pain but the swelling is considerably smaller!

Do you have wobbly eyes or eyes often full of tears?

Trust me, it is no problem!

  • My fingers are stronger than the muscles around your eyes so I can hold your eyelid tight, stopping it from wobbling or shaking and the tears cannot get to the surface of the tattoo, either.
  • No matter how closed and covered your eyelids are or how wet your eyes are, these are no problems to me!
  • I always make the eye tattoo on closed eyes.
  • This is the only kind of permanent makeup that I can recommend to every woman.
  • Every eye can and should be emphasized, the only difference is between the varieties of eyelid tattoos.

Eyelid tattoos threads:

skin disinfection, application of anaesthetics with gel and liquid, discussion and design of the shape, colour selection, pre-drawing of the eyelids with special pencil, all in 30-40 minutes, tattoo procedure with Long-Time-Liner or Nouveau Contour machine on closed eyes, continuous anaesthesia, skin disinfection, after-care treatment, cold compress.

After a few weeks one correction or two if necessary.  A special gift: ointment for after-care treatment at home

Eyelash enhancement permanent make up

Upper Eyelid tattoo with the most subtle effect. The distance between each eyelash is connected with a line and therefore the eyes look more defined.  It is recommended to young people or to those opting for a very natural look or makeup. A small change and you will be more confident! I recommend it with black or brown colour.

Upper eyelid tattoo

Not only is the eyelash root area pigmented but an eyeliner matching the shape of your eye is also drawn, which can be a straight line, precise, or more shaded if you wish.

This is the most popular type. I recommend it with black, grey or brown colours.

Smoky eye tattoo

This technique gives such an effect as if the line drawn by an eyeliner pencil was shaded. There is no sharp contour line, a darker and a slightly lighter shaded colour gives a smoky effect.

Coloured eye tattoo

With a colour matching your eye colour (green, blue, purple, white, brown) / completed upper or lower eyelid tattoos, which can be a straight line but also shaded. It is very special, spectacular but not pretentious! If you would like to emphasize the colour of your eyes, but it is important for you to have a fine, elegant overall effect, this is ideal for you!

Lower eyelid

You can choose a very subtle version but a thicker or a slightly shaded version are also available. It can be combined with colours.

What is the procedure?

  • During the planning and pre-drawing stage, you can choose from different shapes. You can check each of them carefully in the mirror to decide which one is the most advantageous and meets your requirements the most. I will, of course, give you some professional advice, as well.
  • The lines drawn symmetrically on each eye will not be erased because your permanent makeup will be created based on them.
  • Following the eye tattoo, a slight swelling can develop as if you had cried. Cooling packs will then be placed on your eyes and after a few minutes you can continue your normal life and daily activities. You will not have red eyes.
  • Your eyes are in safe hands as the tattoo is made on closed eyes.
  • The tattoo forms a really thin scab, which will fall off within approximately 5 days as the skin heals. 

A guest’s opinion:

” A few years ago, being fed up with applying a pencil eyeliner, I decided to have a contour tattooed around my eyes. I admit that I did NOT consult Sandra at first.  The person who made it, had not drawn it beforehand, so the result was not nice unfortunately. And most importantly, it really hurt! My eyebrows, however, looked really good afterwards.

But I wanted my eyes to look beautiful, as well. I searched on the net and I found Sandra’s site.

I looked at the pictures and I was convinced right away.  So I went to see her and I must say I was not disappointed at all. First of all, what surprised me was the careful pre-drawing and the magnifying glass that she used:-) And the bottom line: the tattoo itself. I did not feel anything. Just a kind of tickling. Then I found out that Sandra uses a professional anaesthetic, which effect is really strong. The same year I opted for a thicker contour line and a thinner white line tattooed over it, which made my eye look more lively and open. Then Sandra tattooed my lips with semi shades. Of course I was not disappointed with that tattoo, either. We thoroughly discussed the colour, and the pre-drawing was long and thorough. My lips looked fantastic, too! And it was not painful this time either. So, I can encourage everyone wholeheartedly to try permanent makeup. You can be beautiful on the beach or while chopping onions. Your makeup will not smudge. Once you opt for it, Sandra is the only one I can recommend: she is calm, friendly, elegant but she also has a reserved strength of character and what is particularly important that she is intelligent and a she is a real professional. “-

Gabriella Kovacs Edit