Eyebrow permanent makeup

  A delicate, sophisticated and elegant solution …

  • if a natural look is important to you
  • if your eyebrows are sparse, or scarred
  • if it has a disadvantageous shape
  • if it is asymmetric
  • it you wish too have more defined eyebrows
  • if you like long-lasting solutions

… because  you can not tell that it is not the original!

Hair stroke eyebrow …

… which is very much like the original

…. your face will not lose its features

….which lifting effect will improve the general look of your face

A correctly chosen shape with the appropriate colour can give your face a fresh look and at the same time you will not lose your features. Your face will look neat and more beautiful. 

If you have perfectly arched eyebrows but they are thin and sparse, you might opt for hair stroke eyebrow, as well.

Stroke technology …

One of the most sophisticated methods of tattooing eyebrows is the fibre technique, which allows me to make completely natural-looking eyebrows. Those who are not familiar with permanent makeup do not even realize that permanent makeup was actually applied. The result: fuller eyebrows with more natural colour effect, a gently arched shape without strong contour lines.

The new shape of the eyebrows is aligned with the direction of the hair growth of your eyebrows. It consists of thin tattooed fibres matching your face and looking very much like the original brows.

As this technique has become more widespread, those who wanted slightly more defined, fuller, natural looking eyebrows have also taken a fancy to have their eyebrows tattooed.

The result is really impressive.

Personalized hair stroke eyebrow

10 types of hairstroke eyebrow

The direction of the brows is normally defined but quite frequently different from the traditional. In such cases, I adjust the technique to the specificities of your eyebrows, 10 types of hairstroke method enhancing the natural effect.



Eyebrow Artistry /microblading/

Hair stroke eyebrow has never been so natural.

Unique and special hair stroke technique. It is unnoticable and really natural blands in the original brow with the thinest hairstroke.

eyebrow embroideryembroidery szalazas










Our references prove that nowadays exclusive hair stroke eyebrow is tasteful, natural and popular!

So many eyebrows, so many styles for hair stroke eyebrow! That’s why we love it so much!


You don’t have hair at all?

A combination of different eyebrow tattoo techniques to achieve a natural result.

If your eyebrows are missing or thinning, it is still possible to have tasteful, natural-looking permanent makeup. In this case, I recommend whether the soft shading technique or I make your eyebrows as thick as possible with the hair stroke eyebrow technique. You do not have to worry that people will spot that you have tattooed eyebrows!

Does it bother you that your eyebrows are too round?

Here is how a round shaped eyebrow can be transformed! You can always make it look better and your face will not lose its features!

szalazott szemoldoktetovalas

Permanent eyebrow tattoo step by step

skin disinfection, peeling, application of anaesthetics with gel and liquid, discussion and design of the shape, colour selection, pre-drawing of the eyebrows with special pencil all in 30-50 minutes, tattoo procedure with Long-Time-Liner machine and pigments, continuous anaesthesia, skin disinfection, after-care treatment.

After a few weeks one correction or two if necessary.  A special gift: ointment for after-care treatment at home

Eyebrow tattoo with shading technique

It used to be the only technique available. In some cases it can be justified and advantageous. Eyebrows with defined contour designed with shading technique.

The tattoo procedure takes about 2 hours, then a thin scab forms which will fall off on the 4th or 5th day. You should not scratch it even if it is itching!!

During the correction, it is possible to lengthen or thicken the eyebrows if that suits your face better.